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Q. This group really is not the group for me and I wish to unsubscribe.
A. This is fine - no problems. We do hope you did gain some valuable information from our group. Simply unsubscribe at our Yahoo! Groups Main Page Or send an email to: Unsubscribe (send it from your email address that the Yahoo!Group recognises), or send us a message and we will do it for you.

Q. Is advertising allowed on the Forum?
A. The Forum follows the convention that signatures of up to four lines will not be objected to, even if this includes advertising related material, as long as the Conditions of Group Use are not broken. However, the group forum exists for discussion, not advertising. The British Prostatitis Support Association (BPSA) does not not endorse any product, doctor, clinic or treatment, even if information appears on our web site, or forums.

Q. I would like to Join but would prefer to be anonymous is this okay?
A. YES! Join and be anonymous we have no problems with this. Although the Forum is normally not moderated, any abusers will be simply deleted from the Forum, whether anonymous or not.

Q. Why am I using a Yahoo group and not a group run on this web site? Are the BPSA making profits from this?
A. No the BPSA do not make profit from the Yahoo Group. However Yahoo do get their funding from advertising. The Yahoogroups facility is an effective and easy, and free, way to host a forum and therefore ideal for BPSA at this time.

Q. What does the BPSA get out of all this?
A. The BPSA wants to improve things for sufferers of prostatitis and related conditions, and exists for this reason.

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BPSA Fact Sheet
BPSA Fact Sheet
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